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Bumblebee Honey are known to be one of the most lively and entertaining wedding bands around.  Given that Irish weddings are meant to have a bit of “Craic” in them, Bumblebee Honey have many tricks up their sleeve to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.

Will, the lead singer, has been seen running around the dance floor with his wireless guitar dancing away with the guests while the rest of the band hold the fort on stage.  Each member of Bumblebee Honey sings so this gives a great dynamic to the overall sound along with great sounding harmonies.

As they are all multi-instrumentalists the variety of music played is second to none.  The music is ALL live with no backing tracks and there simply is no better four piece out there using as many instruments.

If you want Waltzing, Jiving, 60’s Rock and Roll, Pop and Rock we have it.

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