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Many Corporate and Wedding events require the services of both a live band and a DJ. Often there is a lengthy change-over between these two acts due to changing all light and sound gear resulting in a loss of momentum in the party atmosphere.

To ensure that the nights entertainment flows with no intervals or breaks, the band also provides the option for a high quality DJ service to follow on from the band. As there is only one set of light and sound equipment being used, this means there is no messy setup while the band are playing.

This results in a more seamless night’s entertainment. You can also have as much input into the DJ setlist as you wish. Just send us on a list of songs you would like included on the night and we will do our very best to accomodate you.

Our DJ Service Includes:

  • Full Dynacord P5 system (3K Sound System Rig)

  • Professional Digital Mixing Equipment

  • Radio Mic’sIntelligent Lighting / Laser System with DMX Controller Box

  • Smoke Machine / Bubble Machine / Interactive Props

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